Magnetic Massage Insoles

Magnetic Massage Insoles

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This pair of magnetic insoles are a kind of foot care which combine both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate reflex points and acupressure for improving health and vitality. Suitable for those who are busy with their work and have less time to do exercise. Just insert magnetic insoles into shoes properly and get treatment while walking


- Color: Clear
- Material: PVC
- Size: 27x9.5x0.2cm
- With printed scale for cutting, you can cut it to fit your shoes without worrying about size.
- Obtain immediate comfort and revitalize your tired feet.
- Stimulate your body for better blood circulation and metabolism.
- Separate sweat and deodorizing, clean and ventilate.
- The magnets are arranged according to acupressure theory, so you even don't need to know why and it still does its job.