Peacock Flower Robe

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Are looking for housewear that is super graceful? This premium material produced loungewear can satisfy your search, with a peacock and flower design. It comes with a long waist tie, which makes it suitable for for women of all figures. 
- Colour: purple/mint/red/black/blue/pink/grey    
- Material: soft polyester  
- S: 52cm(Shoulder); 82cm(Length); 24cm(Sleeve); 150-170cm(Waist Band Length);  
- M: 56cm(Shoulder); 83cm(Length); 25cm(Sleeve); 150-170cm(Waist Band Length);  
- L: 60cm(Shoulder); 86cm(Length); 26cm(Sleeve); 150-170cm(Waist Band Length); 
- XL: 64cm(Shoulder); 87cm(Length); 28cm(Sleeve); 150-170cm(Waist Band Length);  
- XXL: 67cm(Shoulder); 90cm(Length); 30cm(Sleeve); 150-170cm(Waist Band Length); 
- one piece design with tying band for easy and convenient  on / off  
- durable stitching
- vintage and elegant designs with flower and peacock patterns  
- Lightweight for easy carry during travel